If you would like more information, or want to get involved and offer your help, please contact any officer or committee member:

Patrick Hedgeland Chairman 01635 255377
David Small Vice Chairman 01635 529016 daveasmall*
Ian Briggs Secretary 01635 253995 ian-briggs*
Nick Spencer Treasurer 01635 255292 nickspencer*
Colin Wall Membership Secretary 06135 254252 colin.n.wall*
Christine Leah Committee Member 01635 255592 christine*
Phil Wrigley Committee Member 07711 593531 phil*
Martin Osgood Committee Member & Newsletter Editor 01635 250756 m_j.osgood*
Traci Sharp Committee Member   taddysharp1*
Janet Taylor Committee Member & Welcome Packs   janettaylor.theshieling*

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