Local History Group

The Local History Group normally meets on the first Thursday of each quarter at Old Holly's, Tubbs Lane at 8pm.

Please contact Ron Snipp (details below) if you are interested.

Having a clearout? Before you ditch those old local documents or photos, think of us. See below for details of what we are collecting.

WW1 Tribute (Oct 2014)

The History Group has displayed a “tribute” to the men of Highclere who fell in WWI, on the history board in Highclere Village Hall. There are 17 names on the memorial to them in the church and the members of the history group have found details on each man, showing where they fell and in which cemetery they are buried. Please do take the opportunity whenever possible to take a look at this most interesting display.

Request for Information (Feb 2014)

We have been asked to assist a local Scout leader to find more details about a number of Scouts who were in the Highclere Troop during World War I for a book being written about their exploits. Please contact Ron Snipp on 01635 254026 or by email to rgs*AT*highclerevillage.com, if you are able to provide any information (or can put Ron in touch with someone who can provide information) about:

Meeting Reports

At the October 2013 meeting, Dulcie Martin, who lives locally, very kindly allowed the History Group to see a family book dating back to nineteenth century which had mentions of local places including Highclere Castle. It contained many photographs and various Christmas, birthday and other occasion cards. The History Group were fascinated by the contents and were very grateful to be given the opportunity to see the book. If you have some local historical information that you could share with the history Group, please get in touch (contact details below).

What we do


Buses in Highclere

With most of us today hopping into our cars to go into Newbury, we do not realise how important local bus services were throughout most of the 20th century. In the early part of the 20th century public transport was provided by horse-drawn carriers. The first motorised services in the district were provided by Mr Holman who ran a service from Highclere station (actually in Burghclere) and Whitway into Newbury in the 1920s. There was also Victor White's service from Andover. One of its drivers was Frank Holt who left in 1923 to set up a rival service with lower prices.

1955 bus timetable

The timetable above shows the service provided on this route by The Thames Valley Traction Co. Ltd. (later nationalised as part of the National Bus Company). As you can see there were nine services a day running to 8pm with additional services on Newbury market days and a later service back from Newbury on Saturday night. Today, Stagecoach runs 5 services a day with the last one leaving Newbury just before 6pm!

Most Highclere pensioners who have bus passes today, find they use them more in Reading, London and other cities they visit rather than on our local bus!

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Highclere History CD

Produced in 2003, this CD contains over 500Mb of content, including details and photographs of the railway and other intereting sights around village. The CD has 20 detailed sections:

The CD-ROM was made possible with a grant from the National Local Heritage Initiative Scheme as well as support from Nationwide and the Countryside Agency. You can access all this wonderful material by contacting Ron Snipp (details at the bottom of this page) for the princely sum of £5!

How you can help

We are still collecting, scanning and promptly returning photographs and documents illustrating the History of the Village. Here's how you can contribute to our growing collection:

Any document we receive is protected and filed in ring binders and will be available to be read as part of an on-going Parish History. If you want to present material for archive purposes but do not wish it to be published, then we will respect your wishes.

Thank you in advance for your involvement and help.

For further information

If you think you may be able to help in any way please contact Ron Snipp (Tel: 01635 254026) or email rgs*highclerevillage.com (substitute @ for *).