News - July/August 2008

Picnic and Pimms .. as well as some Cricket!

Result - East Woodhay CC: 218-9 dec.; President's XI: 218-9; a tie!

Highclere Society members participated in the East Woodhay Cricket Clubs' annual President's Day Cricket Match, held at Malverleys East End on Sunday June 29th.

On a fine day for cricket with Malverleys looking the picture of a quintessential village ground, the East Woodhay side batted first and scored 218 for 9 wickets, declaring the innings closed for an early tea.

The President's XI with Roland Gardner, Harry Griffin and Phil Brandwood playing heroic roles ended the close of play at 218 runs for 9 wickets with two runs coming from the final ball to ensure a tied result.

Pimms and picnics were plentiful, the Highclere ladies in summer elegance and the gentlemen wearing a wonderful assortment of straw hats.

A proper cricket day enjoyed by all.

John Stinson

Summer Fizz - Sunday 22nd June

Yes it really did go with a Fizz! In fact more of a gust or two with several gazebos trying to escape their moorings, but it was a great afternoon. By popular demand we had returned to Erica Harman's wonderful garden which looked stunning in the sun. We are most grateful for her putting up with us for three days.

The four course Fizz buffet menu was stunning starting with a complimentary drink, Fizz naturally! No one starved, in fact ever after seconds the remaining fabulous beef, ham and puddings raised over £60 at auction.

The lawn was bright with three white 3-bay tents and ten gazebos to cater for food, drink and seating for the 106 members, friends and family. This year we had decorations of all sorts around, not just on the tables, including a bubble machine. The children had a slide, swing ball, and a sand tray etc to keep them amused.

The donated raffle prizes were the best ever topped by a dinner for two at the Red House.

I would like to thank the committee for their great effort. Also the many helpers who came forward to erect gazebos and tents and prepare food. Not forgetting those who helped dismantle!

Finally I would like to say sorry to the dozen or so people who could not come as we were fully booked. I am afraid 100 guests is our limit for the event, as we can not manage more.

Low flying over Highclere

I am informed that a submission for a judicial review has been made and a response from the CAA lawyers is awaited (in the unlikely case that they will agree with all or part of our submission). It will then go to the court to decide whether we have a good case, sufficient for them to grant us permission to proceed to the High Court for a formal decision. A response is expected in the next few weeks. If this permission is indeed granted then the action group will be seeking additional funds!

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