News: July 2021

Below are extracts from our most recent newsletters which goes out via email to all our members.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the East Woodhay and Highclere Neighbourcare Coronavirus Support Newsletter has been publishing newsletter. Links to the latest issues are below:

Parish Awareness Day

The Society is pleased to announce that it will be sponsoring a Highclere Parish Awareness Day in July to be held at the newly refurbished Westridge Studio. Full details will be issued in due course via a leaflet and a flyer delivered to every house in the Parish. The aim of the Awareness Day will be to encourage people to visit the newly refurbished Westridge Studio and find out what goes on in the village both at the Studio and in the Village Hall and other venues. It will be an opportunity for everybody to have their say as to what groups or societies they would like to see in the village, and to join existing groups. Help will be at hand for anyone interested in starting a new group as well as possible financial sponsorship. If you are interested in starting a group and would like further information now, please reply by email to m_j.osgood*AT* and head your email “Awareness Day” to avoid it being treated as spam.

Film Club News

It's been twelve months now with no films on the big screen in Highclere. With the prospect of the situation easing over the next few months, our plan is to have a virtual AGM on Zoom in June and then to start up with films again in September (assuming that the Government’s schedule for reopening everything remains as announced). We will email the various reports and ideas for new films before the AGM so that members will have the opportunity to comment before the meeting. Our Facebook page is also there for any feedback. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again in the Village Hall next season.

A Message from the Chairman

Subscriptions and Charity

Your committee have decided to give members a "subscription holiday" for the year starting April 1st 2021. It was felt that we had not been able to deliver as much value to you as normal, due to Covid-19.

Thus, every membership will be extended without further payment until 31st March 2022.

At the next committee we will consider possible social events in the light of the new Government 'road map'. However, at this time it is still not clear if or how much we will be able to collect at social events this year for the Bruce's Boats, your chosen charity.

Thus, if you normally pay by bank transfer or cheque, should you generously make a payment by the 31st May it will be assumed that you wish to donate that sum to our charity. Payment by bank transfer to Highclere Society using your name as identifier, or send a cheque made payable to Highclere Society.

If you pay by Standing Order, please do not stop the payment. We will refund you by cheque in May unless you have sent us an email by the 30thApril saying that you do not want a refund and wish instead to donate your subscription to Bruce's Boats, this year's charity.

Highclere Church Plant and Cake Stall

Last year's plant stall, which was run solely by Erica at Brooke House, Church Lane was a great success raising over £1,000 for the church. She is proposing to repeat the stall again this year beginning on Saturday 29th May and will run for at least a week. Please feel free to donate plants to the stall if you have more than you need for your own requirements - all will be gratefully received.

As well as the plants this year we are proposing to add cakes for sale on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th May. If you wish to donate a cake that would be very much appreciated. If you can spare an hour or two on the Saturday or Sunday to man the stalls it would be a great help, please contact Sally with your details.

Thank you for your support in advance.

Erica and Sally

Highclere Parish Council Website

Do take a look at Highclere Parish Council’s upgraded website in particular the community engagement on speed reduction. The links are:

Objection to Overdevelopment

A big thank you to the 225 who sent objections to the proposed 26 houses on the Andover Road. Also, my thanks to the Society's team, led by Colin Wall, who put together our objection letter. Now we face a wait for the decision which could be the end of March, but It could be much later.

A Message from West Berks Foodbank

Foodbank on your Doorstep

Thanks to all those who have donated items to the Foodbank – every single item goes straight to the Foodbank, and makes a difference to local people in need.

We really appreciate the support we receive from the local community, especially during these difficult times. As you can imagine, demand for our service is very high at the moment.

How to Donate

Details have been sent to HS members

What to Donate

Urgently Needed: Bars of Soap, Long Life Fruit Juice, Non-bio washing powder, UHT Milk. Low on Stock: Coffee, Pasta Sauce/Cooking Sauce, Rice, Rice Pudding, Sanitary Tampons, Shaving Foam/Gel, Size 6 Nappies, Stock cubes, Tinned Fruit, Tinned Potatoes, Tinned/Wet Dog Food The list of items urgently needed is regularly updated. For the latest view, please visit: or download the app.

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